NC ranked #1 in creating clean-energy jobs | relocating to Raleigh NC

North Carolina is number 1 in the country in creating clean energy related jobs based on a recent study. Almost 11,000 jobs are expected in the state!

Red Hat adding jobs to Raleigh | relocating to Raleigh NC

​Red Hat announced that the open source tech company with its headquarters in downtown Raleigh will be adding jobs this year (up to 1,000 worldwide). If you are employed in a field that comprises one of the many facets of IT, then this is certainly the place for you.

Allscripts to add 350 Raleigh jobs | relocating to Raleigh NC

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Allscripts, the electronic health records provider will expand in Raleigh creating 350 new jobs over the next several years. Allscripts currently has a large research and development facility in north Raleigh that currently employs over 1,000 workers now. The new jobs will be in R & D primarily. Allscripts provides tools to automate common healthcare provider needs such as entering prescription information, orders, lab tests and records.

Raleigh Jobs and Job Growth News:

Marc Iafrate, MBA
Capital City Real Estate Group, Inc., and

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